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FAQ (frequently asked questions)


  1. Arrival from Vilnius to Klaipėda

You can reach Klaipėda by bus („OLLEX“ company). The website to order the ticket is There is also train station  you can come to Klaipėda by train if the time is suitable for you. you can reach Vilnius railway station by taxi. Taxi number – 861111111, also by public transport. Bus number 1 and 2. The price of a single ticket (when purchasing on the bus) – 1€. Bustimetables at

  1. Arrival from Palanga to Klaipėda

You can reach Klaipėda from Palanga by intercity transport:

  • Bus No. 100. Ticket sale point – bus driver. Click the link to see the route timetable
  • Route taxi. Mob. phone: +370 687 11811. Ticket sale point – bus driver.
  • Also taxis are available in front of the arrival lounge, so you can reach Klaipėda by taxi.


  1. What services are provided with my personal account?

All Klaipėda University students are provided with a personal account. Using your personal account you can:

  • Use the e-mail provided by the university;
  • Access lecture timetable information system [Mano KU] → [Prisijungti] → [Paskaitų tvarkaraščiai] where you can check your lecture timetables and book auditoriums for student events;
  • Access VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) [Mano KU] → [Prisijungti] → [Virtualioji mokymosi aplinka] where you can study learning materials, submit assignments, etc.

  1. How can I access my personal account?

Electronic information space of Klaipėda University uses unified access system, which you can access by going to the University website ( and clicking [Mano KU]. Your username [Prisijungimo vardas] is the first 3 letters of YOUR first name and 4 letters of YOUR surname. The letters must be written in lower case. The password will be given to you when you register for the studies at the dean’s office of your faculty/institute.

  1. I’ve forgotten/lost the login details of my personal account.

You need to visit your faculty dean’s office, where you can get all the necessary information related to your studies and logins.

  1. Where can I find my results of the exams that I‘ve taken?

All information related to the studies (study subjects, study results, study fees, etc.) is available in Academic Information System (Akademinė informacijos sistema or AIS) –

The username is YOUR birthday (year/month/day/) without any spaces or punctuation. The password will be given to you when you register for the studies at the dean’s office of your faculty/institute.

  1. I am not satisfied with my exam results. Is there a possibility to review my work?

Students who disagree with the evaluation of their exam have a right to appeal against it within two days after the announcement of the results. They have to contact the head of the department, where study subject is taught and request to reevaluate the answers of written exam together with the lecturer that teaches the subject, or to request to form a commission for retaking the oral exam. According to Klaipėda University study regulations, Chapter XIII- Procedure of Appeals:

  1. Can I use the opportunity to study abroad through Erasmus+ programme?

During their studies, all students have an opportunity to study in a foreign university for one or more semesters. Through Erasmus+  programme students may go abroad in their second study year.

  1. Where can I find information about studies abroad through Erasmus+ programme?

Every year International Office organizes Erasmus+ seminars in Autumn/Spring semesters. During the seminars, International Office presents study abroad opportunities and news, informs students about necessary documents for competition and competition steps. The websites of the faculties/institutes of the university provide information about available study places and all the necessary information regarding participation in the programme. For more information visit:


  1. How to use virtual library?

If a user wants to borrow a publication from the academic library of the university, he can find it and order it on the library e-catalog or the university virtual library – In order to access the information resources of the university, students, lecturers, scientists and researchers have to use unified access system logins:

Field 1 “Vartotojo vardas” – enter firstname.surname;

Field 2 “Slaptažodis” – the password of unified access account (it is the password that you use to access your personal account and academic system).


  1. What is the procedure of paying for dormitory?

The fees for living at Klaipeda University dormitories in 2019/2020 are approved by Rector’s Order No. 1-043 (31-12-2018) (by clicking the link, you can find annexes at the bottom of the page, see Annex No. 8)

The initial payment for living in the dormitory is paid through bank transfer to the bank account – LT 11 7300 0101 2937 3026 (Swedbank):

For living in the dormitory in Statybininkų pr. 43 – 120 EUR.

For living in the dormitory in Universiteto al. 12 – 180 EUR.

  1. Monthly payments for living in the dormitory are paid:

With a bankcard through a terminal, in the dormitory, through the bank transfer to the bank account– LT 34 7300 0101 3409 1953 (Swedbank), cash is not accepted.

Monthly payment for living in the dormitory in Statybininkų pr. 43 is 50 EUR.

Monthly payment for living in the dormitory in Universiteto al. 12 is 90 EUR.

It is mandatory to indicate the name, surname, personal number of the student living in the dormitory, and to name the payment (for example, initial payment) in the field of purpose of payment. (mokėjimo paskirtis)

  1. What are the rules of the dormitory?

The internal regulations of the Klaipėda University dormitories are approved by Rector’s Order No. 1-100 (10-07-2017) (you can find the rules by clicking the following link):


  1. How can I get a student identity card?

In order to get a LSIC you need to register on LSIC website

Registration will be approved once you click the link in the e-mail, which will be sent to the e-mail address that you have indicated. Once you click the link that was sent to your e-mail, you will be able to access the LSIC system by entering your e-mail address and password. After the university confirms your studies, you will be able check your status and complete the actions needed to start the production of LSIC.

If you have any questions, contact Indicate: clearly formulated problem; personal identity number, name and surname, study year, study programme, faculty, duration of studies, and study type.


  1. How can I get ISIC?

If you are a full time student, bring with you:

  • a document that confirms your student status (a certificate from university);
  • a document that can confirm your identity;
  • a a 3 x 4 cm sized photo (photos from USB flash drives are not accepted; there is a possibility to take a photo on site);
  • 9 EUR.

Go to the “Zigzag Travel” office and get your ISIC in a matter of minutes. Address –  J. Janonio st. 16.


  1. What can I do at the university after my lectures?

Klaipeda University students have a chance to join the mixed student choir “Pajūrio aidos“, folk art ensemble “Vytinė“in their free time. Students, who want physical activity and like to exercise, or are professional representatives of any sport, are welcome to join the Klaipeda University sports team. Each faculty has an autonomous student union, which solves students’ problems of the particular faculty, provides accurate information, and organizes faculty events. If you like active leisure, join the student union of your faculty.

For more information about university organizations visit:

  1. What events can I see in Klaipėda?

Students from Klaipeda, or the ones who came to Klaipeda for studies, can actively participate in public activities. For more information about events in Klaipeda visit:

  1. Where can I buy a SIM card, and which mobile service provider should I choose?

You can buy a SIM card in every supermarket or newsstand. You can choose your mobile service provider by how many and what kind of services you want (internet data, text messages, calls). For all the information about what kind of services  a SIM card comprises, ask the cashier/consultant before buying. The most popular mobile service providers are “Pildyk“, “Ežys“,“Labas“.

  1. How to use Wi-Fi – Eduroam?

Using the Eduroam service, an academic institution user, wanting to connect to another institution wireless connection might use the same user’s name and password, which he/she uses for his/her own academic institution. There is no need for additional registration. This kind of system expands user’s possibilities to connect to Wi-Fi in academic institutions. (Citation from LitNET Eduroam site.)

Klaipeda University personnel and students are able to use the Eduroam services very easily. In University premises find a Wi-Fi, named “Eduroam”. To log in write down your unified account (academic information system) login name with „“at the end (e.g.  in the name field. Use unified accounts (academic information system) password.

If you are not able to connect from the first time, try to connect at this address: and change your password. The password will be renewed in all unified accounts (academic information system).

If you cannot find the answer to your question, feel free to contact –