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The rector of Klaipėda university awarded for his merits in the field of education

The Association My City Klaipėda awarded its Orders For Love of Klaipėda to representatives of education, culture, business, public activities, health promotion, and sports.

Prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, Rector of  Klaipėda University, was nominated and awarded the Order in the  field of education for fostering the University of the Third Age in Klaipėda.

Dr. Razbadauskas said it was an award to the whole university.

“This is not a personal achievement; it is the achievement of the whole university. Only teamwork can lead to outstanding results,” said the Rector when he received the Order.

Dr. Razbadauskas brought the University of the Third Age to Klaipėda on its own initiative as early as in 2010. According to him, setting up that kind of university in Klaipėda was intended as an opportunity for senior citizens to take a more active part in the life of the city.

“As a medical doctor, I saw senior citizens’ need for communication. Retired people usually lose the opportunity to communicate with others. In order to promote their community spirit, we decided to set up a university for them,” said the KU Rector.