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The TV channel “Euronews” focuses on artificial islands created by KU researchers

The international project Livelagoons, implemented by KU researchers, and artificial islands constructed in the process of the project implementation drew the attention of the pan-European TV news network Euronews.

Aurora Velez, editor of the Smart Region programme, together with a cameraman worked in Klaipėda for two days, filming the islands that were erected in the Curonian Lagoon environment a couple of years ago. An island in the Jonas Hill backwater in Klaipėda was also recorded. The team of researchers and its leader prof. Artūras Baziukas-Razinkovas faced an unusual challenge – to travel to the islands together with the representatives of the international network in the weather conditions that were not very friendly in Lithuania in November, to present the islands, and to visually demonstrate their unique characteristics and the specificity of the researcher activity. The creative team also filmed one of the episodes at the Marine Research Institute of KU.

The premiere of the upcoming film about KU researchers’ activity on Euronews, which broadcasts to 150 countries, is tentatively scheduled for January 3 next year. The film’s editor Aurora Velez says the programme she represents has been running successfully for six years. In search of heroes and themes, the authors of the programme look around for exciting projects that create high added value for European citizens and the planet as a whole. The joint Livelagoons project to improve the quality of Lithuanian, German, and Polish water bodies met their criteria. The researchers participating in the project have erected artificial islands in water bodies to serve as natural water purification filters. The vegetation planted on the islands absorbs eutrophication-causing chemicals, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, from the water. The first experiences proved that the experimental islands also performed another function: they became a new habitat for the local aquatic flora and fauna.