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The degree of Doctor Honoris Causa to President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

On 4 May 2018, the ranks of the Doctors Honoris Causa of Klaipėda University will be joined by an outstanding scientist, professor Tarmo Soomere, President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Professor of Tallinn University of Technology for his contribution to marine sciences, studies, and long-term cooperation.

Currently, prof. T. Soomere is President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Wave Enginnering Laboratory of the Institute of Cybernetics, Tallinn University of Technology. Moreover, he acts as coordinator of a number of EU, Baltic Sea Region-pan-Baltic, and national science projects. His main research interests are related to waves: Rossby waves, the theory and modeling of internal and surface waves, with the focus on littoral processes. In 2013, prof. Soomere was awarded the Medal of the Baltic Academy of Sciences for his special contribution to the outcomes of the Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian scientist coperation.

Prof. Soomere closely cooperates with the academic staff and students of the Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences of KU. Since 2009, he has been teaching a course of Wave Dynamics to KU master‘s degree students. Moreover, on his own initiative, he has been giving a cycle of lectures Recipes for Successful Cooperation for doctoral studnts and young scientists.  Prof. Soomere is a member of the KU Committee of Doctoral Studies in Physical Geography and of the Committee of Public Competition for Academic Staff and Researcher Positions.

In 2011, prof. Soomere organised an International Summer School Priventive Coastal Zone Protection Techniques in KU, with lectures given by scientists from Finland, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, and Russia, and in 2015, trainings for academic staff from Kazakhstan, Israel, and Azerbaijan. On his initiative, Klaipėda University was invited to become member of the European Marine Board.

On May 4, in the Small Aula of KU, a solemn meeting of the KU Senate will be held. devoted to the inauguration of prof. Tarmo Soomere as Doctor Honoris Causa of Klaipėda University. At 13.00, an open lecture of prof. Tarmo Soomere Multifaceted Patterns of Climate Change on the Eastern Baltic Sea will be held, followed by a discussion, and at 15.00, the Inauguration Ceremony will take place.

The degree of Doctor Honoris Causa of Klaipėda University was conferred on 23 prominent figures, including the initiator of the establishment of Klaipėda University Alfonsas Žalys, Chairman of the Lithuanian Supreme Council-Reconstituent Seimas professor Vytautas Landsbergis, President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus, businessman, signatory of the Act of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania On the Restoration ofan Independent State of Lithuania Bronislovas Lubys, and others.