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Students Presented National Dishes of their Countries

Foreign students of Klaipėda University held an event Let’s Cook Together.

“Thanks to such events, students have an opportunity to reveal part of their culture through their national cuisine. Let’s Cook Together is a continuous event which started with cooking Lithuanian dishes. It was followed by an evening of Bangladesh cuisine and ended with the dishes of Indian students”, said Deimantė Končiutė, Student Integration Senior Specialist of the Department of Academic Affairs, Klaipėda University..

During such events, students both taste dishes of other countries and also learn how to make them. “We go to buy the foodstuffs together and teach one another how to cook. We could watch how Indian and Bangladesh students cooked, and they learnt how we cook in Lithuania and what our most popular dishes are”, said Deimantė.

After the meal, students are not in a hurry to leave. Upon presenting their national cuisine, they share the stories about their countries, their national culture and traditions, and play games.

“Those cozy, pleasant evenings encourage students to remember their culture, to share it, and to get to know Lithuanian culture”, said Deimantė Končiutė.