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Students on a field trip to UAB Retal Baltic: getting acquainted with green technologies

Klaipėda University (KU) students, who actively support and join the promotion of green growth initiatives and the development of innovations, went on the first field trip to the UAB RETAL Baltic Company operating in the Free Economic Zone in Klaipėda. Students were accompanied by dr. Rasa Viederytė, leader of the project.

The purpose of the visit was to get better acquainted with the companies operating in the region that deal with the green growth challenges on a daily basis. It was important for the students to find out how innovations are developed and implemented in the company, what innovative products are being developed, what novelties are coming to the market, how the company learns about them and how it adjusts the production process.

Students were interested how important for the company was a responsible attitude towards green growth, what challenges and problems they faced and how they dealt with them, and how their client understanding and attitude towards green consumption was changing.

Students were met by product manager Alvydas Pelenis who introduced them to the products made in the company and the stages of technological development. He spoke about the company’s responsible approach to quality requirements and the specificity of pollution prevention and also  emphasised the importance of technological innovations.

Questions were asked about the future of plastic as a raw material and the extent of its improvement  so that it would meet all the safety and quality parameters. Mr. Pelenis introduced the latest safety and quality requirements for plastic products to come into force in 2025, and particularly fastening of the caps.

Mr. Pelenis demonstrated that even in case of the smallest parts of the product packaging, such as caps and A-PET film (for both food and non-food packaging), quite a number of important technological, innovative, and intellectual protection nuances have to be taken into account. An active discussion followed on the specificity of sorting plastic containers in our country and the practices of foreign countries in the field.

After a detailed presentation, the participants of the visit were invited to get acquainted with the production process and the manufactured products storage system. The certified production process, participation in the sorting initiatives, the use of secondary raw material in production, respect for the employees, modern automated production systems, regular implementation of technological innovations, realisation of production in global markets, and a positive attitude of every employee impressed the students. Some of them got interested in the apprenticeship or a career in the company.

“The field trip was organised in the framework of an international project SB BRIDGEBuilding Bridges for Green Tech Future funded by the Southern Baltic programme. The project will include green growth camps, olympiads on the theme of green technologies, creating a database for non-formal professional development, etc. “, said dr. Viederytė.

UAB RETAL Baltic is a member of the RETAL Industries Ltd group of companies, including 17 members and engaged in the manufacturing of PET granules and packaging. The company that belongs to the Ukrainian capital group of companies invested heavily in production innovations based on the niche products development. It produces A-PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) cups for bottles. The company offers a choice of cup colours, as well as transparent, colour, and metallised film, and provides film metallisation services.