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The student from Italy: KU Marine Research Institute is a great place to work

Ylenia Vernacie from Palermo (Italy), a master’s student in Marine Biology, chose Klaipėda University for her studies under the Erasmus + programme. She attended the KU Marine Research Institute (MRI) and worked on the master’s final thesis.

Ylenia worked in an ecological laboratory for two months and studied marine ducks, as the topic of her thesis is “The Composition of the Liver Tissue Elements of the Long-Tailed Duck (Clangula hyemalis) and Velvet Scoter (Melanitta fusca) of the Baltic Sea.”

“In the MRI, I learned to do bird necropsy and prepare liver samples for chemical analysis in the laboratory.  I am still working on the results, but can confirm that it was a really interesting job”, said Ylenia.

Ylenia said that in the MRI she met a number of nice people who helped her, and the time spent in the Institute was memorable.

“The Institute was the place where it was good to work. It employs professionals competent in their fields of activity. The MRI is particularly well organised; I was fascinated by its contemporary laboratories.”

Ylenia admitted that, back in Italy, she will most miss the Institute and the dormitory she lived in, and especially the people she met  there. She learnt a lot from them.