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Launch of the First Joint Minor Programmes of the European University EU-CONEXUS

The European University EU-CONEXUS started implementing the first joint Minor Programmes. During a special event, a virtual Welcome Day on January 19, the first students of the programmes were welcomed.

The European University EU-CONEXUS consists of six partner universities in Europe: La Rochelle Université (France), Universidad Catόlica de Valencia (Spain), Zadar University (Croatia), Agricultural University of Athene (Greece), Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest (Romania), and Klaipėda University (Lithuania). The partner universities focus on the theme of Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability and have a common strategic aim of developing joint study and research programmes.

In a virtual Welcome Day ceremony, Jean-Marc Ogier, EU-CONEXUS Chair, and Isabella Baer-Eiselt, EU-CONEXUS Executive Director, welcomed the 220 students from the 6 partner universities who had chosen the first joint Minor Programmes. So far, two Minor Programmes were launched: Blue Economy and Growth and Coastal Development and Sustainable Maritime Tourism. The Minors offer 19 courses in 10 thematic sectors and can be tailored and personalised to meet the students’ needs and interests.

16 KU students chose to take the first international Minor Programmes. One of them is Julija Kersnauskaitė, a student of Hydrology at KU. “I see an excellent opportunity to acquire supplementary knowledge necesssary for my studies here. I am working on a bachelor’s thesis on the extinction of Lithuania’s coasts, and the topic is related to the EU-CONEXUS programme Coastal Development and Sustainable Maritime Tourism. In the meantime, we shall study remotely, but next year, we are likely to be able to go to other partner universities. I do not know everything about the opportunities opened up by EU-CONEXUS yet, I do not yet fully realise all the benefits that await us in the future, but I feel that soemthing new and important is being born,” Julija shared her experiences of the first day. Sh added that, in view of her future pospects, she appreciated the opportunity of getting a European University diploma upon completing the Minor Programme.

The Welcome Day was also a chance for the students to get familiar with the virtual learning environment in a training session held by Jean-Christophe Burie, EU-CONEXUS Smart Campus manager. They are to be used by an an international teacher and student community for virtual mobility and teaching/learning. Each university introduced their Minor Officers who will be in charge of the implementation of those programmes. At Klaipėda University, Ingrida Rukavičė, Senior Specialist in International Studies at KU, had been appointed administrator of the EU-CONEXUS Minor Programmes.

“Through uniting the academic and research potential of the EU-CONEXUS partners, we are taking a big step forward. The joint study programmes that have already been developed and launched is another significant step in the development of a new model of the European University and new

quality of studies and research. The virtual environment in which EU-CONEXUS has been launched is especially convenient for the present period and makes it possible to implement study programmes despite cross-border restrictions due to pandemic threats”, said prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, Rector of KU.

The European University EU-CONEXUS was established in 2019 to implement the EU idea of uniting universities in Europe for the advancement of research and studies. Klaipėda University was invited to become a member of one of the first 17 European universities.