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SELL Student Games 2022: KU athletes brought home three medals

The three-day SELL Student Games, which was also attended by a team of athletes from Klaipėda University (KU), ended in Riga. The team won 3 medals in the games.

Poor weather conditions did not prevent Gintarė Tirevičiūtė from winning a gold medal in the high jump event.

The KU football team, which lost one match and ended another one in a draw, however, won four matches, took 2nd place. Its member Martynas Velyvis has been recognised as the most productive football player of the SELL Games.

The basketball team, having returned to the SELL Games after a long break, won bronze medals. This year’s SELL basketball competition stood out for an extremely high level and unusually strong competitors.

A very stubborn fight took place in the volleyball courts, however, the KU girls’ volleyball team were hampered by bad luck and took 7th place.

For the first time, the University weightlifters Kornelijus Pamarnackas and Mindaugas Tauginas participated in the power triathlon. Kornelijus took 6th place in the weight class up to 105 kg, and Mindaugas took 8th place in the weight class up to 93 kg. The athletes were happy with the new experience and personal records.

Tomas Kojelis, the only representative of the KU in table tennis, took 10th place, and the athlete Viltė Narbutaitytė settled for 12th place in the long jump event.