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Rector and Chairman of the Council of Klaipėda University Visited Norvegian University of Science and Technology

Rector and Chairman of the Council of Klaipėda University  Visited Norvegian University of Science and Technology

On May 2, Rector of Klaipėda University prof. Eimutis Juzeliūnas and Chairman of the KU Council, Director General of AB Western Shipyard Arnoldas Šileika visited Norvegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

NTNU has the main responsibility for higher education in technology in Norway, and it is the country’s premier institution for the education of engineers. The university offers several programmes of professional study and a broad academic curriculum in the natural sciences, social sciences, teacher education, humanities, medicine and health sciences, economics, finance and administration, as well as architecture and the arts.

The University has 9 faculties and 56 departments. As many as 50% of its 39,700 students are taking study programmes in natural and technological sciences. The NTNU has 14 campuses in different locations. The KU CEOs visited one of the University campuses in the port city of Ålesund which seeks to become one of the key maritime centres. According to KU Rector Eimutis Juzeliūnas, the centre has accumulated great experience in marine sciences and seafaring; it boasts modern laboratories and develops health sciences.

The KU Rector and Chairman of the KU Council met with the Vice-Rector of NTNU Annik Magerholm Fet and discussed the opportunities of cooperation in different science and research projects and in academic staff and student exchange. The meeting was attended by business companies in the field of ship building, repair, and maintenance. Fiskerstrand Holding AS CEO Rolf Fiskerstrand. To quote the Chairman of the KU Council, since Klaipėda University intends to strengthen and develop the field of marine sciences and technologies, it is important to find a foreign partner, a university – leader in the maritime field that could contribute to the cardinal changes in studies through joint study programmes, scientific projects, and the accumulated experience of cooperation with business.

The leaders of Klaipėda University presented the scientific activities of the University, participation in projects, the Marine Valley, and the growing LNG market. On June 8-9, the CEOs of the Norvegian University of Science and Technology, its scientists, and representatives of business companies are planning to visit and to get acquainted with Klaipėda University and to discuss the opportunities of a joint study programme, joint research and projects.They are also going to visit the port of Klaipeda, major shipyards, the fishery laboratory, and the Maritime Museum.