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The new Klaipeda University logo and an exclusive innovation of it’s image introduced

Klaipeda University (KU) meets the new academic year having renewed. Together with the branding studio „Andstudio“ from Vilnius the visual identity of the University was updated. It stresses the values of KU, emphasizes the strengths and highlights the uniquiness of the university. The exclusive innovation is its graphic element, which has been created using the swell of the Baltic Sea.

KU has stayed faithful to its values. Thus it will further be represented as the national and Baltic region leader of maritime studies and science, which is multi-field and integrated into international academic networks, as the fosterer of cultural heritage and centre of lifelong learning.

“We are a university, which is young, smart and changing, strongly focusing on marine technologies, having an exclusive geagraphical location. It enables us not only to develop unique study fields, scientific research, but also reate an especially warm university atmosphere“.

By presenting ourselves and renewing our visual identity, we both highlight what we are and what we are striving to become. We emphasize the attitude of our univeristy to the academicism, order, and traditions as well as the constant renewal, improvement of the quality of studies, modernity and the exclusive attitude towards each member of our community“, – underlined  the Rector Prof. Dr. Artūras Razbadauskas.

The creation of the new visual identity lasted almost half a year. The KU academic community participated in this process, the managers expressed their opinion on the issue, the employees were surveyed.

„Having discussed the main aspects with the university community, we seeked the assistance of branding specialists “Andstudio“. This team from Vilnius is well known from such branding projects as “Klaipėda ID“, “Startup Lithuania“, “Startup Fair“, projects “Misija Sibiras“, “NanoAvionics“. The team has also created brand identities for BĮ “Užimtumo tarnyba“, UAB “Blue Bridge“, worked with SMK and created the sign of Vilnius University 440-th anniversary.

“Having regard to the sucessful work experience of this team, we entrusted it the creation of KU visual identity renewal. We are glad with the unique way of creating the visual identity of the university offered and hope, that it will become an exclusive and well-recognisable sign of the university“,– the Head of KU Marketing and International Relations Office Inga Petrauskienė.

Since now KU is going to be recognized according to the organic graphic elements, unique symbolics and notherly-modern esthetics. The team “Andstudio“offered a unique way of  creating graphic elements by using the model of the Baltic Sea swell, made by KU scientists. The dynamics of the model directly creates a graphic image, that the university is will buse in its visual identity.The hydrodynamic data will show the forecasted height and intensity of the Baltic Sea swell, which will reflect in the graphic language of KU.

“Having the aim of maintaining and strengthening the image of KU brand, we raised the objectives for the identity so that it could reveal the ballance between the tradition and tecnologies, the open attitude and progress of science, it had to make the communication coherent and easily recognisable“.

“We have chosen the aspect of marine sciences, which makes KU prominent, and used the data of Marine Research Institute obtained from the implemented hydrodynamic model of the Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea. These data enable us to make a comprehensive view of the changes in the Baltic Sea, the wind speed and it allowed us to transform the data on the height and intensity of the swell to the graphic language“, – Augustinas Paukštė, the leader of “Andstudio“ creative group, explains the meaning of the new identity.

According to the interlocutor, the generated graphics of the Baltic Sea swell will become an axis of KU identity as modern, dynamic and highlighting the position of the university as the regional leader of marine science.

„If the history can teach us something, it is a lesson, that eventually the most sucessful become those, who do not stop changing and adjust organically to the changing environment, and those, who do not want to or are not able to, are deemed to extiction“, – maintain the “Andstudio“ creative team.