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Klaipėda University Student Gets a Prize for her Achievements in the Study Area of Hydrology and Oceanology

Laura Nesteckytė, a 2nd year master’s student of the study programe of Hydrology and Oceanology in the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences, Klaipėda University, was awarded the Vydūnas Youth Foundation prof. Steponas Kolupaila Prize.

Every year, the Vydūnas Youth Foundation (USA) awards one-off prof. Steponas Kolupaila Prize to one student of Klaipėda University for high academic achievements, special diligence, and abilities in the studies of geodesy, hydrology, or related fields and for active participation in public, student organisations’, and/or cultural activities.

Laura, who comes from Rietavas and currently works in the Palanga Aviation Monitoring Department of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, said she was very pleased with the award. “I feel appreciated and encouraged to grow and further improve in the area. The award is a proof that I am where I must be and the area is the right one for me,” said Laura.

It was not accidentally that Laura chose this study programme. She was always interested in nature and the ocean, therefore, when she found out that Klaipėda University had a study programme in Hydrology and Oceanography, she did not hesitate.

She felt especially attracted to the chosen field of studies during her internship. “During the studies, I had enough of active practice in which I was able to gain practical work experience, not just theoretical knowledge. During the internship, I had the opportunity of going on an expedition to Iceland. I participated in two of its stages and became even more fascinated by the sea.”

According to prizewinner Laura Nesteckytė, she has no problems with motivation to strive for excellent results. “When one is engaged in favourite activity and likes one’s field of studies, motivation comes automatically.” That’s why she advises everybody to search their hearts instead of listening to other people’s opinions when choosing their path of life.

Currently Laura is considering how to use the prize money wisely and well