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Optimisation of Infrastructure in Klaipėda University Plans

Optimisation of Infrastructure in Klaipėda University Plans

With the sentiment of the higher education restructurisation in the air, the higher schools of the city of Klaipėda agreed on a common vision and a common aspiration to optimise their activities. One of the schools is Klaipėda University (KU) which aims to to become a leading university in the Baltic Sea Region and thus contribute to the economic development of Lithuania as a maritime state. The infrastructure and the scientific potential of KU enable the development of a multidisciplinary university.

Since 2008, at Klaipėda University, an integrated science, studies, and business centre (valley) –a  Lithuanian maritime sector development programme has been operating that brought together science, business, and the public sector. Marine expeditions and scientific research have been  conducted on the University research vessel-laboratory Mintis and the sailboats Odisėja and Brabanderis.  In the early 2018, a building of laboratories is to be opened on the KU campus which will house the laboratories of Marine Constructions Reliability, Marine Ecosystems, Marine Chemistry, and Water Transport Technologies.

In 2016, a contemporary Business Incubator was opened at KU which housed business companies implementing production-experimental activities and where new technological companies have been set up. According to Evaldas Lukauskas, Chancellor of Klaipėda University, the Business Incubator was part of the Marine Valley project. ”The Business Incubator provides opportunities for young companies to start up, to create jobs, and to implement projects which bring together business and science. One of those is the Vėjo projektai Company which, in cooperation with KU scientists, works on the project of an electricity-driven bus”, said E. Lukauskas.   .

Klaipėda University is also part of the LNG cluster and the Baltic valley, which provides students with numerous opportunities to do traineeship and, after studies, to get jobs in specific companies. As stated by E. Lukauskas,  ”the University intends to set up new associated science, studies, and business cooperation structures, clusters, with the aim of commercionalisation of scientific results.”

By participating in the state property investment programme, Klaipėda University seeks to have all its infrastructural objects on the campus. It aims to have all the principal KU buildings and divisions on one site. E. Lukauskas shared KU plans: ”In 2016, a new dormitory was opened on the campus, and two more dormitaries are in our plans. KU seeks to create an international type campus in which students will be able to study, live, and to entertain themselves.”