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A new tradition of Klaipėda University: Head of the Lithuanian Sea Museum became the first Partnership Associate Professor

In its jubilee year, Klaipėda University is starting a new tradition of awarding the title of  Partnership Associate Professor. The title signifies identification and appreciation of partnerships important to the University. Olga Žalienė, Director of the Lithuanian Sea Museum, became the first KU Partnership Associate Professor.

In a modest ceremony, without a larger supportive audience (because of lockdown), an  Agreement on Voluntary Activity of the Partnership Associate Professor was signed in the office of KU Rector prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, and warm words of gratitude for amity and accompanying documents were exchanged. Olga Žalienė, Director of the Lithuanian Sea Museum and from now on a KU Partnership Associate Professor, thanked with a smile for acknowledging her efforts and expressed her confidence that, in the future, the cooperation between Klaipėda University and the Lithuanian Sea Museum will be creative and mutually significant and beneficial.

The candidacy of Olga Žalienė, Head of the Lithuanian Sea Museum, for the title  of KU Partnership Associate Professor was proposed by the community of the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Faculty maintains particularly close ties with the Museum. Together, Dolphin Therapy and Animal-Assisted Therapy projects have been developed, both local and ERASMUS mobility students have been doing their internships at the Museum, and KU researchers and faculty have been gaining experience both at the University and the Museum. There is no shortage of cooperation ideas for the future, and they are related to the development of KU and Museum activities in Kopgalis.

“The title of Partnership Associate Professor is one of the forms of increasing the circle of KU ambassadors. We sincerely welcome the meaningful partnership with the Lithuanian Sea Museum and its administration. This cooperation is very important for us, and I hope that together we will implement many more common ideas”, said prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas.

The KU Rector handed Olga Žalienė, the first Partnership Associate Professor, a KU silver badge and wished her to find time for activities in the academic community; moreover, he presented the new opportunities that opened up after Klaipėda had joined the European University Networks.