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KU Team Won Three Prizes in the International Pneumobile Competition

The Lithuanian Spirit team of Klaipėda University, which took part in the annual International AVENTICS Pneumobile Competition traditionally held in Hungary, and the bolide built by them won prizes in as many as three categories.

The Lithuanian Spirit team of the mechanical engineering students of KU, led by dr. Pranas Mažeika, for the second year in a row faced the reality of the contemporary world changed due to the Covid-19 virus: last year, the ardent competition did not take place at all, and this year it was organised remotely. Their participants received tasks with performance rules and were required to implement and film them. The result was predetermined, based on the video material. In this way, more than 40 teams from various European countries competed in this year’s race. .

Upon summing up the results of the competition, the KU team was announced to have won prizes in three events: 2nd place in the 50 m Drag event, 3rd place in the Arcade & Efficiency category, and 3rd place in the Technical category.

In the photo: KU pneumobile team (left to right):
Ignas Arnašius, Tomas Sukauskas, Artur Koltunov, Evgenij Iamshchikov, and team leader, dr. Pranas Mažeika

“We were very successful in this competition and we are glad to have finally managed to win the prizes. The success was predetermined by all components – the mastery of the team members, the technical characteristis of the pneumatic vehicle, and the experience accumulated by us,” said the team leader dr. Pranas Mažeika.

The first pneumobile in Klaipėda University was built in 2015. With this compressed air-powered vehicle, KU researchers competed in the International Aventics Pneumobile Competition. In competitions, the possibilities of a pneumatic car are usually evaluated by three factors: the maximum distance travelled, slalom, and traction.

In 2017, a new team of engineers built an American Chopper-style pneumobile. Later, in 2018, after the rules of the competition had changed, a Car type pneumobile was built. For this year’s competition, a new type of pneumatic vehicle with a mass of about 100 kilograms was prepared. In accordance with the rules of the competition, the maximum speed achieved during the tests was 58 km / h, and the longest distance covered with one 10-liter compressed air balloon (200 bar) exceeded 10 kilometers.