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KU Signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Pontifical Lateran University, Italy

On October 18-19, an international scientific conference Passion for God: History of the Reformation Spirituality and Theology was held in the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome (Italy). The conference was dedicated to the commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformed Church. At the invitation of the authorities of the University of Lateran, the event was attended by the representatives of the KU John Paul II Centre for Christian Studies.  A large group of scientists and clergy from all over the world – France, Austria, Germany, Russia, Brazil. Argentina, USA, etc. – came to the conference. In their presentations, theologians from various Christian denominations dealt with different historical and Biblical issues, inspired by the movement of Reformation, such as the work of God’s grace through faith, justification in the Biblical doctrine, etc. Particularly noteworthy presentations were delivered by prof. dr. Volker Leppin from the University of Tübingen in Germany and prof. dr. Ulrich Kortner from Vienna.

During the event, an international cooperation agreement between the Pontifical Lateran University and John Paul II Centre for Christian Studies of Klaipėda University was finaly signed by the Rector of the University of Lateran, Bishop Enrico dal Covolo.  That grants a significant indicator of internationality not merely to the activity of the staff of the Centre, but also to the Faculty and the University.