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This year KU is going to have more students than last year

In 2019 students’ admission to Klaipeda University (KU) has been quite successful. Although the final results of admission will be totaled on 1st October, it is becoming obvious, that this year more students are to be admitted than last year.

“The number of students, admitted to Master studies, is welcoming. This year more students from college graduates and the ones seeking to obtain additional education have been interested in continuing their studies“, – notes KU Vice-Rector for Studies Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonata Mačiulskytė.

In total KU offers 30 bachelor’s degree, 35 master’s degree, and 1 non-degree study programs.

After the admission it can be seen, that the study programs of Kinesitherapy, Radiology, Nursing, Childhood Pedagogy, Psychology, and Informatics maintain their popularity.

“In recent years the most popular are bachelor’s degree programs of Health Sciences, such as Nursing, Kinesitherapy, among master’s degree programs such are Nursing, Public Health Education study programs.

Among the degree programs of Social Sciences, Psychology in bachelor’s degree studies and Social Work in master’s degree studies are popular. Childhood Pedagogy keeps its constant popularity.

In the group of Business and Public Management bachelor’s degree programs the most popular is Public Administration, and in master’s studies  – Health Care Management and Regional Governance.

Among Sciences of Humanities, the studies of English and other foreign language are popular, while in master’s studies – History of Baltic Countries“, – maintains S. Mačiulskytė.

According to the Vice-Rector for Studies, it is especially encouraging that after a break the groups were formed in the study programs which were not so popular before.

”This year a group has been formed in the renewed study programme of Biology and Marine Biotechnology. We are pleased with the growing interest of the properly prepared school graduates in the studies of Informatics at Klaipeda University”, – says the Vice-Rector.

It is important to note, that this year the study programs of Informatics and Mechanical Engineering have been recognized as the ones best meeting market demands in Lithuania. They were awarded with Investors‘ Spotlight quality labels. Such labels were granted to only 8 study programs in all country.

The results of the admission show the insufficient preparation of young persons for engineering studies. In response to this, this year KU has started establishing engineering classes in the gymnasiums of the port-city, where the classes for the pupils will be held not only by teachers, but also by KU lecturers so that the pupils could gain the basics of engineering and be prepared for the studies at the university.

Besides Lithuanians, more than 500 young persons from foreign countries applied for studies at KU. Study applications were received from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sakartvel. A traditionally abundant number of applications comes from faraway lands – India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana. Also there are applicants from neighbouring Latvia.

Foreign students are most interested in the following study programs at KU: Informatics, European History, European History in Russian, Management, Nursing, and Social Work. The most popular master’s study programs among them are Health Care Management and Business Management.

The total number of students invited for studies at KU will be clear in the end of September. At the moment their admission documentation is being processed. So far 300 candidates suitable for studies have been selected.  Almost 200 applicants have not met the requirements: their examination results have been too low, English language inadequate, some even have not provided appropriate documents.