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KU Rector Competition


Based on the Law on Science and Study of the Republic of Lithuania and the Statute of Klaipėda University, the Council of Klaipėda University (hereinafter: the Council) is announcing a public competition (hereinafter: the competition) for the position of the Rector of Klaipėda University (hereinafter: the Rector) (for the term of 5 years). The Rector’s functions are laid out in the Statute of Klaipėda University.

An applicant for the position shall meet the criterion of impeccable reputation[1], be a PhD degree holder or a recognised artist, have academic and managerial experience, and know the Statute of Klaipėda University.The applicant shall have no less than the 3rd category of knowledge of the state (Lithuanian) language.[2]

Applicants shall submit the following documents:

  1. a free-form application for participation in the competition;
  2. a copy of a document certifying the applicant’s identity;
  3. a copy of a document certifying acquisition of higher education;
  4. a copy of a document certifying the award of an academic degree;
  5. documents certifying the academic and managerial experience;
  6. curriculum vitae in Europass format with contact data (phone number and e-mail address);
  7. the applicant’s vision of Klaipėda University and activity guidelines for a 5-year-period (up to 5 pages);
  8. other documents and data that the applicant considers appropriate to submit.

The documents shall be submitted in paper form in Lithuanian or by adding translations into Lithuanian in compliance with the procedure established by legal acts. The copies of the documents submitted for the competition shall be duly certified[3].

The documents shall be accepted from 09:00 AM 10 July 2018 till 03:00 PM 17 September 2018. The documents can be handed to the Rectorial Election Committee in person or sent by registered mail to be received before the deadline for the document submission. The documents shall be submitted in a sealed envelope indicating: The Competition for the Position of Rector of Klaipėda University. To: Rectorial Election Committee, Klaipėda University, Herkaus Manto Str. 84, LT-92294 Klaipėda. Moreover, on the envelope, it shall be indicated: NOT TO BE OPENED BEFORE THE MEETING OF THE RECTORIAL ELECTION COMMITTEE FOR THE ENVELOPE OPENING.

Upon expiry of the document submission deadline, a list of applicants shall be uploaded to the Klaipėda University website and the compliance of the received documents with the requirements shall be verified. The final list of the candidates to the position of the Rector of Klaipėda University shall be approved by the Council and made public on the website of Klaipėda University.

The Statute of Klaipėda University, the Regulations of the Rectorial Election, and other information of interest can be found at the website of Klaipėda University

For more information about the public competition, please contact the Council at or on the phone:+370 46 398903.

Vytautas Grubliauskas, Chairman of the Council of Klaipėda University

[1] Impeccable reputation is understood as defined in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Civil Service, No. VIII-1316, 8 July 1999 (Official Gazette, No. 57-2005, 2011; No. 69-3523,2012; No.75-3762, 2013).
[2] Resolution No. 1688, 23 December 2003, On the Approval and Implementation of Categories of Knowledge of  the State Language of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (Official Gazette, No. 123-5618, 2003; No.42-1623, 2009; No. 92-4383, 2011).
[3] Copies of documents shall be certified by an institution authorised to certify documents by indicating “The copy is genuine” and the position, name (or its first letter), surname, and the date, or a copy certified by a notary shall be submitted.