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Contribution of KU Professor to the Book Recently Published by the Institute of Administrative Sciences in Brussels

Prof. dr. Jaroslav Dvorak chapter “Lithuanian COVID-19 Lessons for Public Governance” was recently published in the book Good public governance in a global pandemic (ed. P.Joyce, F.Maron, P.S.Reddy).

The book was published by The International Institute of Administrative Sciences (IIAS) in Brussels. IIAS is a key player in setting the governance agenda worldwide.

This book provides the readers with a set of vivid studies of the variety of national approaches that were taken to responding to COVID-19 in the first few months of the pandemic.

Country reports present the actions, events and circumstances of governmental response and make an early attempt at producing insights and at distilling lessons.

In different chapters, editors and contributors provide an analytical framework for the description and explanation of government measures and their consequences in a rich variety and diversity of national settings.

They also situate the governmental responses to the pandemic in the context of the global governance agenda, stress the important relationship between governmental authorities and citizens, and emphasize the role of ideological factors in the government response to COVID-19.