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Message from KU Partner: An appeal of Kherson State University Community

Dear Partners and Colleagues,

Since the morning of February 24th, the war has been going on in Ukraine against the violent Russian invasion. The brutal warfare of the Russian army terrifies the whole world and continues to escalate in severity and cruelty. Residential areas, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, and universities are under constant threat as cities are subjected to daily bombings. Kherson State University and its dormitories have become a refuge for people who cannot return to their homes due to constant danger. Professors, teachers, students help each other as much as they can on different fronts of this terrible war.

While we face this enormous conflict, we also still strive to create opportunities for children and young people in Ukraine to continue their education.  Teachers and researchers need avenues to work with students and continue research in their fields. We call on all responsible for education and science to join us and provide the necessary assistance for a united and sovereign state of Ukraine! We urge you not to remain indifferent, to take actions and to express solidarity and fight for academic values! Partners of Kherson State University, please take the time to write letters voicing your continued support and cooperation with our university no matter what the future may hold for our institution.

For those partners looking to take a more direct approach, there are no shortage of opportunities for your institutions to help Kherson State University and all of Ukraine. We encourage our partners to petition and demand your governments to not hesitate in taking any punitive actions against Russia and make public shows of solidarity with Ukraine and Kherson State University. For those partners that are hosting our own KSU students, please continue to take care of them and provide them with whatever resources you can in this difficult time.

We thank you for all your continued support and cooperation over the years and look forward to our continued future opportunities. Please stand with Ukraine as publicly and loudly as you can at this time in support of a free, independent, and prosperous Ukraine.

Sincerely yours,

Rector and Teaching Staff

of Kherson State University