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KU researches participating in the EU Interreg South Baltic program project “Reviving Baltic Resilience – RBR”

RBR project concept was born through experiences from prior EU and national initiatives and starts to implement by Natural Sciences Department of JTGMF of Klaipeda. Researchers of the Department of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences of Klaipėda University participate in the implementation of the project of the European Territorial Cooperation Objective 2014-2020 Interreg V-A South Baltic Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Reviving Baltic Resilience” No. STHB.02.02.00-22-0092 / 16 (acronym RBR). 85% of the eligible costs of the project are financed by the European Regional Development Fund,

In order to protect the marine environment from excessive nutrients and more than 40 tonnes per year of microplastics, proactive methods of contaminating of the Baltic Sea should be used. The goal of the project is to propose, evaluate and apply preventive pollution solutions that meet the requirements of the circular economy.

The project seeks to organize as efficiently as possible the transfer of innovative, “green” technologies based on research and international examples of pollution valorization by using international expertise.

The main intended result is the use of “green” technologies, improving the existing state of the Baltic Sea, as well as creating a cluster, in which the solutions are openly discussed with business representatives and the public and published. This encourages cross-border cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and methods applied.

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