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Diana Šarkaitė became a new president of the student union of Klaipėda University

On March 12, in a conference of the Student Union of Klaipėda University (KUSS), Diana Šarkaitė was elected a new President of KUSS.

Diana, the only candidate for the position of President of KUSS, is a third year student of Shipping and Port Engineering of the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences at Klaipėda University. She has been an active participant in the KUSS activity for three years.

Diana has planned various activities for her term of office, and all of them rely on two principles: to make more active and consolidate. The New President of KUSS will seek to make the KU community more active and to make KUSS stronger both internally and externally.

The Audit Committee of the Student Union, also elected in the conference, consists of Indrė Čedavičiūtė (Chair), Edvardas Latakas, and Martyna Varkalytė. Morover, a new KUSS Strategy 2021-2024 was approved. You can get acquainted with it at:

Diana Šarkaitė