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Christmas lights have already illuminated the campus of Klaipėda University

Yesterday night, one of the most characteristic and beautiful sites of the port city Klaipėda, the square of Klaipėda University campus, lit up with Christmas lights.

Festive decorations  – illuminated letters, a grove of evergreen trees grown in the Botanical Garden of Klaipėda University, and the sounds of music –  will spread light and Christmas mood until the  Three Kings’ Day. For the first time, the most prominent building of the square – that of the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology – has become illuminated, with a flow of light directed at the tower clock, the main accent of the building.

“We are part of the city community. We want to contribute to creating the Christmas mood in Klaipėda. The end of the year is very unusual for Klaipėda: we are not allowed to get together or to have noisy celebrations, however, we may stay in fresh air and take walks. If Klaipedians include our campus square in the route of their walks and have pleasant experiences here, we shall be sincerely glad. Of course , it is necessary to keep in mind the security requirements,” said prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, Rector of Klaipėda University.

Although the flow of visitors at the University campus has significanty decreased due to the national lockdown, people passing the place and KU community members are happy to take and share the photos from the decorated square.

“We cannot celebrate together, but we are not deprived of an opportunity to create a festive mood and share it. The community of Klaipėda University entered into Advent season with a heart-warming Advent wreath-making campaign. Thirty wreathes made by us together with a message of kindness about the approaching Christmas found their way to the homes of lonely elderly people of the city. Now we are shining and sharing our light,” said Inga Petrauskienė, Head of the Department of Communication and Marketing. She invites visitors to take  photos of the festive square and themselves, to upload them to the Instagram network stories, and to mark them @klaipedauniversity. The author of the most beautiful photo will receive a gift on December 28.

The Christmas accent at the KU campus is another experience from the Programme of 30 Experiences, part of all events devoted to the 30th anniversary of Klaipėda University.

Recently, another 30th anniversary experience was implemented at Klaipėda University: its staff made 30 Advent wreathes which were taken to Old People’s Homes in Klaipėda and the Caritas Care Home of Klaipėda Region, Telšiai Diocese. Below, you can see a  photo presenting the experience: