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The employer’s quality label has been awarded to the study programme of Maritime Transport Engineering at Klaipėda University

Today, it has been officially announced that the study programme of Maritime Transport Engineering of Klaipėda University was awarded the Investor’s Spotlight label, otherwise known as the Employers’ Quality Label. This is the sixth programme in the field of engineering at Klaipėda University which has successfully completed the content quality evaluation procedure.

The Investor’s Spotlight label, which testifies to the employers’ interest in one or another study programme, was established by Invest Lithuania, an agency for direct foreign investment and business development, and the employers’ organisation Baltic Investors’ Forum. The aim of the initiative, which is being implemented for the seventh year in a row, is to provide specialists trained by the national universities and colleges with the skills and knowledge most valued in the labour market. That enables the graduates to find their place in the labour market easier and faster.

For the study programme to receive the label, it has to undergo a demanding quality evaluation procedure involving both programme developers, representatives of potential employers, and students. In Klaipėda, the procedure is coordinated by the non-profit city development agency Klaipėda ID. According to its education projects manager Alina Šoparė, the goal of the institution is to have as many demanded specialists as possible prepared in the city, and therefore the involvement of business in the revision of higher education study programmes is very important for the city and the education system in general. “The meetings focused not only on the aspects of programme improvement, but also on further cooperation opportunities, when companies accept students for internships, propose topics for their final theses, and contribute to the development of lecture content or course teaching. The straightest way to make it easier for graduates to find jobs is to provide them with education meeting business needs. We are glad that this is exactly what Klaipėda University is moving towards,” says Alina Šoparė.

“The Investor’s Spotlight label means an appreciation of our efforts to train the best possible professionals for the maritime industries. Lithuania is a maritime state, and the maritime industries are one of the most important directions of the national economy,” says prof. Sergejus Lebedevas, head of the Department of Marine Engineering at the Faculty of  Marine Engineering and Natural Sciences of KU. He encourages school leavers to be more active in choosing promising studies in the field of engineering. Currently, the bachelor’s study programme in Maritime Transport Engineering at the faculty has 50 students, and another 25 are pursuing a master’s degree.

The Maritime Transport Engineering study programme at KU offers 3 specialisms: Ship Design and Building; Smart Maritime Transport Engineering; and Liquefied Natural Gas Engineering and Management. The majority of the graduates find jobs in companies operating in, or related to, Klaipėda Seaport.

To date, the Investor’s  Spotlight label has been awarded to five study programmes implemented at the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences of Klaipėda University: those of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Informatics Engineering, and Chemical Engineering (Environment and Energy). In 2020, the state allocated monthly scholarships of EUR 200 to those who enrolled in those study programmes at regional universities and colleges. The promotion programme initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Innovations is expected to also continue this year.