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The First Double Doctoral Degree Dissertations were Defended at Klaipėda University

Two doctoral students of the Marine Research Institute of Klaipėda University have successfully defended their double doctoral degree dissertations in the area of Ecology and Environmental Sciences.

Monia Magri and Tobia Politi are the first and so far the only doctoral students at KU to have defended their double PhD degree dissertations, that is, their research papers were prepared and defended in accordance with the regulations of Lithuanian and Italian universities. Both new Doctors of Science are Italian citizens who have chosen Klaipėda for their doctoral studies. The dissertation defence procedure, which took place simultaneously in two countries and ended successfully, entitles them to double PhD diplomas to be awarded at the Universities of Klaipėda and Parma.

Monia Magri

In the dissertation Evaluation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Transformations in Two Eutrophic Lagoons Using Experimental Data and Ecological Network Analysis of the Italian doctoral student Monia Magri (advisors: prof. dr. Marco Bartoli, prof. dr. Antonio Bodini, prof. dr. Artūras Razinkovas-Baziukas), the field of research was the data of Italian and Lithuanian scientists and their analysis in  the exploration of lagoons.  In his dissertation Interaction between Benthic Invertebrates, Macrophytes, and Microorganisms and its Role in Eutrophic Lagoons,  Tobia Politi (advisor: prof. dr. Marco Bartoli, consultant: dr. Mindaugas Žilius) analysed the diversity and functioning of ecosystems in two shallow eutrophic lagoons: the Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania and Sacca di Goro (Italy). The dissertations of both doctoral students were recognised for their quality, and both are to be awarded an Honorary doctorate.

The fact that the first double-degree doctors of science were prepared in cooperation with the University of Parma, according to KU Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation dr. Darius Daunys, is no coincidence. KU has had a long-standing partnership with this university, which was strengthened and taken to a new level by the agreement, signed in 2019, on the implementation of a double diploma PhD programme. The results of the agreement can be seen after a three-year period.  “We can be proud of this fact, proving the quality of the KU doctoral school. This means that we have transcended national borders in the training of PhDs in the area of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. We have both a good reputation and a good  infrastructure as well as strong partnerships that allow us to promote the practice of double diploma doctoral programmes, which are popular in Western Europe as well,” said dr. Darius Daunys.

Every year, about 70 people aspiring to pursue a science career study and prepare PhD dissertations at KU, and 15 to 20 prospective doctors of science successfully defend their dissertations, mainly in the fields of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, History, and Education. The University conducts third cycle studies in 10 fields of science.