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Klaipėda University Starts Another Course for Prospective Leaders of Blue Growth Economy

Klaipėda University Blue Growth Leaders Academy (BGA) has started its second season. A multinational group of BGA attendees came together for lectures on blue economy and the opportunities offered by it both in the classroom and at computer screens.

This year’s first BGA session will last two days. The 24 participants started the course by making each other’s acquaintance and getting the basics of team building as well as the creation and functioning of interdisciplinary professional networks. The second day will be dedicated to a lecture of Norwegian experts Torger Reve and Tom Kleppest, Introduction to the Blue Economy, and a disscussion on the current trends.

Altogether, the BGA course will consist of 8 sessions, to be summarized in the participants’ camp in June next year. During it, the topics for the final theses will be generated and projects will be developed, to be submitted to the commission and defended. As one of the BGA goals is to build a team of blue growth leaders able to make a real impact on the development of the region, the BGA course will be taught in a hybrid way, thus providing participants with opportunities for both joint creative work and discussion.

This year, the BGA motto Supplement your Strategy with Blue Growth Values focuses on maritime businesses and decision-makers, as these elements of the area of economy are believed to be inevitable for the successful development of both private businesses and public projects.

The participants of the new BGA season represent not only the business, self-governance institutions, and the field of science of Klaipėda Region; the attendees include representatives of the EU-CONEXUS partner universities from Valencia (Spain) and Bucharest (Romania).

The international blue growth knowledge dissemination platform at Klaipėda University was launched in the autumn of 2020. Klaipėda Economic Development Agency Klaipėda ID and the Maritime Cluster coordinated by Klaipėda Science and Technology Park (KMTP) contributed to the initiative. In the summer of 2021, 37 representatives of Klaipėda City and Region completed the first course of the Blue Growth Leaders Academy.