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Klaipėda University Bade Farewell to the 30th Cohort of Graduates

Today, in a graduation ceremony held at Klaipėda University,  it bid farewell to the 30th anniversary cohort. Over 600 graduates of 2021 were wished the shortest possible route success. Among them, there were 26 foreign citizens.

The joyful voices of the graduates and their families and friends who came to congratulate them at the square of KU replaced the protracted silence caused by the lockdown. The diploma awarding ceremony, which was held in two stages for reasons of safety, was attended not only by members of the academic community, but also by business leaders of Klaipėda, founders of scholarships or awards to the most advanced students, and outstanding public figures. “This is an important day for us – together with the graduates, we have the opportunity to enjoy the result of joint efforts. Most importantly, we can do it live. After all the months of virtual communication, distance lectures and exams, we can finally get together in one group, award diplomas and well deserved thanks, shake hands, and wish success in building Lithuania of the future”, said prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, KU Rector.

As many as 18 graduates of the cohort have graduated with Honours. All of them have been awarded silver KU badges and prizes of the KU Future Fund, which was launched this year. Founded by socially responsible business companies, the Fund aims to develop into an endowment fund and generate revenue to fund research relevant to the region and to support talented researchers and students. “We are first introducing ourselves to the community by Oustanding Master’s Student Awards for the best final theses. Let it be an incentive for them not to lose touch with the world of science and to continue their studies. Science needs new minds and energy,” said Vytautas Adomaitis, Director of the KU Future Fund.

Klaipėda Association of Industrialists awarded one-time scholarships to two Master’s students of the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences, while the scholarship of the Council of the Baltic Region Institute of History and Archeology was awarded to Edvardas Vasiliauskas, graduate from the Baltic History study programme.

3 graduates of doctoral studies, currently doctors of science, were acknowledged at the diploma awarding ceremony: Arnoldas Petrulis, who prepared and defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic Evaluation of Ethical Leadership in Transactional, Transformational, and Servant Leadership Styles; Edita Baranskaitė, whose doctoral dissertation was Assessment of Economic Impact of Innovative Tourism, and Jelena Galinienė who defended her doctoral dissertation Change in Land Use and Land Cover of Coastal Zone: Classification Methods Comparison and Assessment.

The event celebrated the successful completion of the Blue Growth Leaders Academy (BGA) project implemented by KU and its partners: Klaipėda Science and Technology Park, the Marine Cluster, and Klaipėda ID Company.  The studies, which started in the autumn, returned 37 representatives of national business, science, and public sector to the ranks of students. They were given lectures by competent acclaimed scientific authorities from Europe and the world. According to KU authorities, the Blue Growth Leaders Academy was a practical contribution of the University to the long-awaited economic breakthrough of Klaipėda city and the whole region. The knowledge offered to the attendants of the Academy, current leaders in the business, science, and public administration sectors, focused on the limitless potential of the blue economy. The cohort of the diplomaed BGA graduates is to contribute to the growth of national prosperity.

Today, the graduates joined an impressive number of almost 38,000 alumni, educated by Klaipėda University during the 30 years of its existence. “We are rich in having grown such a large number of University ambassadors,” said prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, Rector of Klaipėda  University.