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More and More Foreign Students Choose Klaipeda University

In order to increase its internationality, Klaipeda University intends to offer foreign students an opportunity to study in the port city and a higher number of study programmes, which are to be conducted in English and Russian, to select from.

„About one tenth of all Klaipeda university students are foreigners. We notice a growing interest in the opportunity to study in this port city, therefore we react to it and increase the number of study programmes conducted in foreign languages. Next year one fourth of the study programmes  offered by us will be also suitable for foreigners, it means, that they will be able to study in English or Russian“, − KU Vice-Rector for Studies Dr. Sonata Maciulskyte told.

A greater interest from Ukrainian students in studies at Klaipeda University is noticeable. At the moment ten Ukrainians who have chosen higher studies in Klaipeda not by chance are studying at the port city.

“The relationships between Lithuanians and Ukrainians are very good. It is a friendly country, therefore while searching for an opportunity to study I chose particularly this country. Why have I chosen Klaipeda University? The level of higher education is very high here, I also know, that the university is a part of the EU-CONEXUS consortium, therefore after the graduation I will be granted a diploma that will be valid all over the Europe.“ – so the student from Ukraine, only 16 year old Jekaterina Halusko motivated her decision to study in Klaipeda.

According to KU representatives, studies in Klaipeda are often chosen by motivated and thirsty for knowledge students. For example, the first year student Jekaterina Halusko was evaluated for her academic achievements this year  – she was granted a scholarship of Klaipeda city municipality.

“In fact we can really enjoy that arriving students are talented and come here not only to get a higher education diploma, but also to gain knowledge. Klaipeda for them is an attractive city to live in. We notice, that students also want to become a part of the community while studying at KU, they integrate into other activities, too. We try to make them feel like at home.“, – the senior scientist of the KU Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaelogy, Dr. Vytautas Jokubauskas said.

Klaipeda university also offers exclusive study programmes for foreign students. One of them is the study programme of European History offered at the Institute of Baltic Region History and Archaeology.

„My grandfather taught history in Ukraine, therefore I decided to follow his footsteps. While choosing the higher school I asked his opinion as well. He said that Klaipeda University is a excellent choice as the reviews about this higher school are very good. And it is obvious that my grandfather have not lied – I am very glad with the quality of studies.“ – Andrii Sendetskyi, the student pursuing the Bachelor in European History spoke about his studies.

In order to increase the internationality of studies, KU intends to offer an opportunity to select from 14 Bachelor‘s and 7 Master‘s study programmes, conducted in three different foreign languages next year.