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Klaipėda University Visited by Representatives of the University of Cadiz

On July 3, Klaipėda University was visited by the representatives of the University of Cadiz (Spain): prof. José A. Muñoz-Cueto, delegate of the President of the University for relations with European universities, and prof. Fidel Echevarría, delegate of CEI·MAR for Foreign Affairs and Director of the Doctorate School on Marine Studies (EIDEMAR). The guests also represented the CEI MAR organisation, a recognised international campus of excellence in marine sciences which includes seven marine research institutes.

During the visit, the guests attended the Marine Research Institute of KU and got acquainted with its laboratories as well as with the research conducted there. They also met the KU administration and representatives of the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences.During the meeting and a subsequent workshop, the opportunities of cooperation between Klaipėda and Cadiz Universities were discussed, which, as it turned out, were considerable. Both universities specialised in the areas of marine sciences and studies: marine ecology, biology, marine environmental engineering, marine resources and port management, underwater archaeology, and even health sciences.

The representatives of the University of Cadiz came to Klaipėda to invite KU to take part in project activities and to join the presently organised Alliance of European Marine Universities. The Alliance would bring together the resources of all partner universities and thus make them competitive not only on a European, but also on a global scale.