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Klaipėda University skyrocketed in U-Multirank

This year, the largest global University ranking U-Multirank announced the results of third U-Multirank rating. Klaipėda University significantly skyrocketed in several positions.

In the ratings of 2016/2017, Klaipėda University got higher scores than in the previous year. The indicator of the external research income from research activities increased significantly: from 26.23 to 52. 17. According to Vice- Rector Saulius Gulbinskas, it can be the result of the successful development of the Marine Valley activities in Klaipėda University and the implemented structural reform: the lab equipment of the scientific research vessel Mintis and of the Open Access Centre for Marine Research presently enable large-scale scientific research. A service of scientific research project administration was set up, which allows researchers to more intensely concentrate on research activities, and more active marketing of scientific research started. The structural reform also contributed to better indicators.

This year, the indicator of the University spin-offs was assessed better: 5,76 (in 2015, 3,14). Vice-Rector for Science and Art Rita Vaičekauskaitė said those were the first results of the consistently promoted and developed student entrepreneurship: “We are trying to involve as many as possible young scientists in the development of innovations and to implement joint projects with business companies.”

Increasing internationality and offering study programmes in foreign languages studies allowed the university to reach the indicator of 11,86% ( in 2015, 1,75%) in master studies implemented in foreign languages. The university promotes the development of such graduate study programmes by motivating the academic staff to give lectures in foreign languages. More active marketing in international studies also yielded positive results.

The European Commission-supported U-Multirank rating provides an opportunity to compare higher education institutions by a greater number of criteria than other current international rating systems. The ratings of the present year assessed over 1,300 universities and interviewed over 105,000 students.

All the indicators of Klaipėda University can be seen here.