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Klaipėda University – PORT OF FREEDOM

Klaipėda University – PORT OF FREEDOM

Lithuania starts from the sea! Klaipėda University is a PORT OF FREEDOM which attracts freedom-professing personalities in Lithuania.

In response to the President of the Republic of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaitė’s initiative Let us Celebrate the 16th of February with Joy and Resoursefulness!, the community of Klaipėda University (KU), which dropped its anchor in the only Lithuanian port city of Klaipėda, reconstructes the map of Lithuania and raise the tricolor.

The KU campus square was covered with a reduced map of Lithuania, enclosed with a marine rope. KU students and faculty started the campaign by standing on the points of Lithuania they descended from. Since all of us were brought together by the sea and Klaipėda University, the flag was raised from the point of Klaipėda on the map. The staff of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Battalion also participated in the campaign.