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Klaipėda University Launched a Joint Baltic Master’s Programme in Radiography

On November 16, Klaipėda University was visited by a delegation of Tartu Health Care College in Estonia. During the visit, Klaipėda University Rector Eimutis Juzeliūnas and Tartu Health Care College Rector Ulla Preeden signed an agreement on the joint Baltic Master’s programme in Radiography. That is a unique study programme in the Baltic countries.

The meeting was attended by KU Vice-Rector for Studies prof. dr. Leta Dromantienė, Dean of the KU Faculty of Health Sciences prof. dr. Artūras Razbadauskas, and Chief Physician of the Klaipėda University Hospital prof. dr. habil. Vinsas Janušonis.

“Radiology currently is a demanded and fast developing area, and the need for specialists is increasingly growing. We hear that there is a shortage of radiologists even in such developed countries as USA, Canada, Norway, or Germany”, said prof. dr. Arvydas Martinkėnas, Head of the Master’s programme in Radiography and of the Department of Medical Technologies, Faculty of Health Sciences, KU.

Students of the joint Baltic Master’s programme in Radiography will study both in Estonia and Lithuania. “During the first semester, students will study at Tartu Health Care College which has been implementing a study program in Radiology for several years and has the experience, necessary equipment, and educational laboratories which, unfortunately, we do not have in Lithuania. Students will have a unique opportunity to gain international experience,” said prof. dr. A. Martinkėnas.

At Klaipėda University, students of radiography will study theory, have practicums, and do their traineeship in three hospitals of the city of Klaipėda: Klaipėda University Hospital, National Hospital of Klaipėda, and Klaipėda Seamen’s Hospital. As stated by prof. Martinkėnas, the joint Baltic Master’s programme in Radiography will be also unique due to the fact that students will have quite a few practical classes in hospital and learn to work with X-ray, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and other equipment.

A Bachelor’s study programme in Radiology at Klaipėda University was initiated by the Lithuanian Association of Radiologists on establishing a shortage of such specialists. That is the only university undergraduate study programme in Radiology. “The joint Baltic Master’s programme in Radiography shall admit KU Bachelors in Radiology, graduates of various health-related study programmes, or college students who have completed pre-master studies in Radiology at Klaipėda University,” informed prof. dr. A. Martinkėnas.

Prof. Martinkėnas was glad to note that the graduates of the undergraduate study programme in Radiology at KU were appreciated in medical institutions. “I have more than once heard from my colleagues in hospitals that our students are excellent specialists; they are not only technologists capable of performing a wide range of diagnostic tests and radiotherapy procedures, they also have a solid foundation in health sciences, are able to intervene and to provide psychological assistance to patients and their family members.”