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Klaipėda University established new relations with Croatia

On 9 June 2016, Klaipėda University (KU) was visited by Mr. Krešimir Kedmenec, Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to Lithuania, and Mr. Zdeslav Matić, Assistant Minister of Economy of the Republic of Croatia. During the visit, the KU Rector Eimutis Juzeliūnas and Pero Lučin, Rector of Rijeka University, one of the largest in Croatia, signed a cooperation agreement between these two institutions.

The University of Rijeka, like Klaipėda University, is multidisciplinary and offers maritime studies, therefore, by signing a co-operation agreement, the universities will primarily seek to exchange best practices in the fields of maritime and technological sciences and to develop joint scientific research. For the implementation of the said goals, two Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements were signed as well: between Klaipėda University and the Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka and Klaipėda University and the Faculty of Enginering of the University of Rijeka. The partnership is trusted to be beneficial for the development of the LNG competences.

“By signing these agreements, we intend to collaborate both at the level of research and of studies and administration. Students and administrative staff of the University of Rijeka are welcome to Klaipėda, just as we are welcome to Croatia”, said KU Rector Eimutis Juzeliūnas. Prof. Juzeliūnas believes that in the future, close relations may also be developed in the area of health sciences.