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Klaipėda University Held an International Summer School for IT Professionals

Klaipėda University Held an International Summer School for IT Professionals

On July 17–30, the Faculty of Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences of Klaipėda University held an international Baltic Summer School 2017 for IT students and professionals. Its organisers were University of Rostock (Germany) and KU Faculty of Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences. The goal of the Summer School was to promote the internationalism of education and the collaboration of the Baltic Sea Region Universities in the area of information technologies.

This year, the summer school annually held in different Baltic Sea Region universities arrived in Klaipėda. It hosted 17 participants from 8 countries, as well as 13 KU alumni: remembering the impressions of the previous trainings, they got involved in the summer school activities after a 7- year break. The participants came from Iran, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, China, France, India, Mexico, and Lithuania.

Students were offered six computer science, IT technologies, and IT security-related modules. Teachers from Lübeck, Rostock, Dresden and Bremen Universities gave lectures to the summer camp participants on the subjects of network security, network forensics, cryptography, runtime verification, reliability of computer systems, continuity planning of cyber defence, ethical hacking and security testing.

After lectures, students were introduced to the city of Klaipėda, the Curonian Spit, and Lithuanian culture; they also attended major Klaipėda companies. The participants of the summer camp attended UAB Omega Technology, an IT company supplying project management systems and providing services to oil and gas industries, as well as AB KN Company for whose activity – management of different processes – IT technologies are of great importance.

Klaipėda made a pleasant impression

Anthony Damian Ramos Leon master ‘ s student from Tallinn University of Technology, comes from Mexico.  “I have been living in Europe for two years and am visiting Lithuania for the first time. That is a beautiful country, and the people are warm and friendly, much more emotional than the Estonians”, listed cultural differences the student from Mexico. He was happy about the usefulness and relevance of the summer camp lectures, however, admitted that it was not easy to master the information in a short time.

A master ‘ s student from Germany Benedict Pascal Ferling enjoyed his first trip to Eastern Europe. “I was surprised there were so many Soviet time buildings in Lithuania, however, Klaipėda University looks very nice”. According to him, the lectures in the Baltic Summer School 2017 were concentrated and interesting, even though part of the information was already known to him. Ferling was pleased with friendly Lithuanians who showed him interesting places of Klaipėda. “I enjoy getting acquainted with cities not as a tourist; it was fun to get to know Lithuanian folklore and to dance folk dances.”

As stated by Klaipėda University master’s student and lab assistant Vytautas Radzevičius, it was not easy to learn and take exams in summer, however, he felt motivated by an international environment, foreign academic staff, and relevant information: “IT security is an important topic today. Such courses provide us with unique experience, as cyber security is a new topical issue in the world of science and is useful for anybody working in the area of information technologies.”