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3D Technology Day  10 04 2017 (Monday)
Name: Printed Reality: 3D Printers Show
Time: 11.30–12.00 a.m.
Description: During the event, its participants will be able to get acquainted with 3D printers: opportunities, structure, and application in industry. Do not miss a chance, come and see which direction technologies are advancing!
Venue: Bijūnų Str.  17, Klaipėda (Lounge of the ground floor) 

Name: Current Status and Prospects of Additive Manufacturing (in English)
Time: 17.00–18.30 p.m.
Presenter: prof. Antti Salminen
Description: If plastic or plaster printing (additive manufacturing) is widespread all over the world, the production of metal parts is a new segment area, still looking for its own industry.  During the event, professor Antti Salminen, Head of the world-famous laboratory Laser Processing – LUT Laser,  will introduce the metal article 3D printing opportunities, current technologies, and potential prospects.
Venue: Room 2015, Bijūnų Str.  17, Klaipėda

11 04 2017 (Tuesday)
Name: Introduction of UAB Phillip Morris traineeship and internship programmeExperience Partners of KU: opportunities of international traineeship for students and graduates
Time: 15.00-16.00 p.m.
Presenters: representatives of UAB Phillip Morris; senior specialist for student career of the Department of Student Affairs; Inga Anulytė, coordinator of the initiative Experience Partners at KU.
Description: UAB Philip Morris Lietuva will introduce to students and recent graduates a paid summer internship which provides an opportunity to practice and to acquire new skills and competences necessary for young professionals. Coordinator of the initiative Experience Partners will talk about the opportunities of practical learning for students/ university staff through the cooperation of business, international organisations, and universities, thus increasing the graduates’ competitiveness both in the national and international labour market, promoting entrepreneurship, and ensuring more efficient employment of Lithuanian citizens in the EU institutions, international/regional organsations, and international business structures.
Venue: Room 215, Bijūnų Str. 17, Klaipėda

Electric Vehicles Day, 12 04 2017 (Wednesday)
Name: Introduction of an Electric Bus and Swing Cars
Time: 11.30a.m.–12.30p.m.
Description: A unique chance to get to know electric vehicles: in the yard of the FMENS, we shall see an electric-powered bus and swing cars.
Venue: Bijūnų g. 17, Klaipėda

NLG Competence Day 13 04 2017(Thursday)
Name: Introduction of an International Interreg Baltic Sea Region Project Go LNGIntroduction of Blue Baltics project.
Time: 15.00–16.00 p.m.
Presenters: Andrius Sutnikas, Head of Communications of KSCP;  Vitalijus Trakšelis, project leader of  AB KN
Description: Head of Communications of KSCP will introduce a Klaipėda Science and Technology Park-coordinated international Interreg Baltic Sea Region project Go LNG. The project is devoted to the development of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) infrastructure in the Baltic Sea countries, cleaner shipping, and land transport. Representative of the AB KN will introduce the Blue Baltics project, devoted to the LNG infrastructure development.
Venue: Room 215, Bijūnų Str. 17, Klaipėda 

Smart Building&Construction Technologies Day 24 04 2017 (Monday)
Name: You’ll Never Have a Second Chance to Make the First Impression
Time: 15.00 – 15.30 p.m.
Presenter: director, theatre educator Gytis Padegimas
Description: How to develop self-confidence, how to present oneself to employer, how to look, to stand, to present oneself? – More on the topic, from director, theatre educator Gytis Padegimas. That is a great opportunity to hear answers to the questions each of us wants to ask.
Venue: Room 215, Bijūnų Str. 17, Klaipėda

Name: Smart Glass Constructions; Introduction of the Smart City Project
Time: 15.00–16.00 p.m.
Presenters: Tomas Lenkimas, Head of the Scientific Research Division of the Architectural and Interior Glass Manufacturing Company UAB Glasbell Baltic; FMENS team of the Smart City project
Description: Three Klaipėda University student teams were developing conceptions of an attractive city to live in. Different visions were developed for Jonava, Šiauliai, and Akmenė district municipalities. The FMENS 7-student team made a project of a health complex construction and environment application for the Akmenė district municipality and took part in the 3rd competition Smart City III, organised by the architecture and construction infrastructure business journal STRUCTUM under the aegis of the Republic of Lithuania Ministries of Environment, Science and Education, Culture, and Transport.
Venue: Room 215, Bijūnų Str. 17, Klaipėda.

25 04 2017(Tuesday)
Name: Introduction of the project Baltic Gender mentorship programme
Time: 12.00–13.00 p.m.
Presenters: dr. Viktorija Vaitkevičienė, Director of Open Access Centre for Marine Research, dr. Rima Mickevičienė, Dean of the FMENS
Description: during the event, a post-doc mentorship programme for women scientists working in the field of marine sciences and technologies will be introduced.
Venue: Room 315 (FMENS building), Herkaus Manto 84, Klaipėda

Conference 26-28 04 2017
Name: Conference Marine and Coastal Research
Description: the conference aims to present recent marine scientific and technological  achievements in Lithuania and to discuss the prospects of closer cooperation beween science, studies, business, and local governance, thus extending the opportunities for marine sciences.
Venue: Kurhaus Hall, Grafų Tiškevičių Ave. 1, Palanga
For further information, please phone: tel.: 8 46 398849, 8 46 398848, or e-mail: