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The participants of the 21st Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Academy at KU started their studies

Over 100 participants from 16 countries will study or deepen their knowledge of the Lithuanian language at the 21st Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Academy that started at Klaipėda University. The multilingual community that gathered at the opening event got to know each other and listened to both congratulations and encouraging speeches.

Klaipėda City Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas emphasised that learning languages was like a bridge to getting to know other cultures. The Mayor addressed the participants of the Academy: “I would like to see Klaipėda as a place that builds bridges between languages ​​and cultures. Your desire to learn Lithuanian should also inspire us to learn your languages”. KU Vice-Rector dr. Benediktas Petrauskas wished them good luck in the challenging process of learning Lithuanian. Dr. Rimantas Balsys, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of KU, hoped that the interest of foreign nationals in the Lithuanian language would encourage the Lithuanians themselves to cherish their language and, if necessary, to do their best to protect it.

This year, the largest number of participants of the Lithuanian Language Academy will be from Ukraine (about 40), nine from Argentina, six from Sakartvelo, and some participants from even such distant countries as Australia or Brazil. Only 15%  of them will be learning the language online, while the vast majority will study in the classrooms of KU. The language will be taught by 12 teachers in eight groups of different levels, in the morning and in the afternoon (to adapt to the participants living in America). The after-class time will be organised by a course guide and leaders of cultural activities. Jūratė Derukaitė and dr. Kristina Blockytė-Naujokė will act as course coordinators.

A fortnight programme of Lithuanian studies for teachers of Lithuanian schools operating abroad is also integrated into the programme of the Lithuanian Language Summer Academy. This idea was first implemented last summer and was a success, and therefore the tradition will be continued this year as well.

The 21st Summer Academy of the Lithuanian Language will end on August 11.