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Honorary Consul of India visited KU

Honorary Consul of India visited KU

Today Klaipėda University was visited by Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary, Honorary Consul of India. The meeting was attended by dr. Rita Vaičekauskaitė, KU Vice-Rector for Research and Arts, other representatives of the University, and 11 Indian students.

During the meeting, Honorary Consul of India Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary talked about his role with respect to the citizens of India in Lithuania and the assistance provided to them: full support in the area of social issues and care of their integration in Lithuania. The University representatives remembered the cases when Mr. Chaudhary helped to solve problems related to the KU students from India.

At present, about 60 citizens from India study at KU. Mr. Chaudhary encouraged the students participating in the meeting to register on the online platform which would make it easier to maintain relations and to communicate. Moreover, he noted that, when living in Lithuania, they should remember their national holidays and traditions. The KU representatives promised that, with the numbers of students from India increasing, efforts will be made to improve their integration, and the students will be encouraged to foster their national traditions and to share the exclusivity of their culture with the KU student community.

Honorary Consul of India Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary was also interested in career prospects of the Indian students in Klaipėda. The Consul planned more meetings with Indian students, attended also by the executives of foreign capital companies in Klaipėda.