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Finnish Journalists Visit Klaipėda University  

Today Klaipėda University was visited by nineteen Finnish journalists from various media channels and specialised journals devoted to the areas of technology, innovation, engineering, business, and high technology. They got acquainted with the research conducted at Klaipėda University and shipping, energy, and technology companies in the city of Klaipėda.

The journalists visited the research vessel Brabander and were introduced to the Fleet and Field Research  Laboratory on its board. Later they came to the Faculty of Marine Technology and Natural Sciences, where the Head of the Marine Constructions Reliability Laboratory Artūras Tadžijevas  presented a racing pneumobile project and finite element modeling of dynamically loaded offshore and onshore constructions.

The Finnish journalists continued with a tour of the Klaipėda University campus and got acquainted with the history of its complex of buildings. Afterwards, in the Open Access Centre for Marine Research, they were offered three different lectures that they chose in accordance with their interests. The first lecture took place in the Marine Chemistry Laboratory: dr. Paulius Rapalis talked about diesel engine transient operation research in real operation conditions, research on air pollutant emissions from ships in ports by remote sensing, and research on new methodologies for determination of diesel fuel activation energy.

In the Marine Ecosystems Laboratory, prof. dr. Zita Rasuolė Gasiūnaitė and dr. Diana Vaičiūtė introduced marine ecology and ecosystem services, as well as satellite remote sensing for monitoring the environmental status and upscaling the ecological processes in aquatic ecosystems. Ornithologist Julius Morkūnas spoke about the studies of wintering seabird bycatch in the fishery gillnets in Lithuanian Baltic Sea.

In the afternoon, the Finnish journalists enjoyed a tour of the Klaipėda State Seaport, the Western Shipyard, and the Klaipėda Oil and LNG Terminal. The LNG Terminal Director of Exploitation Rimas Rusinas talked about the activities of the Klaipėda Oil and LNG Terminal and its future prospects.