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Competition is announced for studies abroad under the ERASMUS+ exchange programme for spring semester 2016/2017

Applicants are to:

submit the following documents to the Department of Studies (Office 305, 3rd floor, Herkaus Manto Str., the Senate building) before 23 September 2016:

  1. An application for studies  (hand-filled applications shall not be accepted);
  2. A transcript with the grade point average (confirmed in the Deans Office);
  3. A recommendation of the Head of the Department;
  4. A motivation letter (addressed to the Erasmus+ Selection Committee)
  5. Additional documents (recommendations, copies of the attended courses and certificates, etc. ).

English language test:

13:40-15:10, September 20, AK2, STUDLENDAS: written exam and listening
14:00, September 22, Classroom 114, Faculty of Health Sciences (address: Herkaus Manto 84): oral exam

The proposed locations can be found here.

Students will be informed about the selection results by e-mail.

More detailed information, please contact the the Department of Studies: tel.: 398 950, e-mail: