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Call for applications for “Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Academy “

 Deadline to apply 25th of December, 2017; Application form)

Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Academy at Klaipeda University includes language courses, an extensive cultural program and plenty of language practice: trips, evening events.

The intensive summer and winter courses are being held here for 17 years and got a worldwide recognition from Europe to America, from Australia to Japan. Our alumni keep in touch and cherish friendly relations. Quite many alumni come again and again to learn/improve Lithuanian each time at a more advanced level. Briefly, our winter academy offers:

  • Intensive language teaching program: 4 classroom hours from Monday to Friday + language practice, consultations.
  • Volume of studies: 4 weeks, 90 academic hours, 8 ECTS.
  • Groups from A1 (beginners’) to C2 (fluent speakers).
  • Cultural and entertaining activities are held after classes and include language practice: walking in the town, visiting Lithuanian families, travelling across Lithuania.
  • Teachers also participate in the cultural events, helping their students to apply and reinforce their language knowledge and skills.
  • The certificate (in LT and EN languages) indicates the level of studies, the mark and 8 ECTS awarded.
  • Valuable knowledge, having a good time together, useful contacts and new friends!

Visit the official site of Lithuanian Language and Culture Winter Academy, 2018 at Klaipėda University

On behalf of all teachers and organizers – coordinator,