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Belarusian Citizens are Invited to Study at the KU Winter Academy of the Lithuanian Language and Culture

The Winter Academy ofthe Lithuanian Language and Culture at Klaipėda University to start in early January 2021 is inviting Belarusian citizens who have been forced to leave their homeland due to violence and political persecution and are now beginning to build their life in Lithuania. For a course of 82 academic hours, they will only be charged a symbolic fee.

Two young people from Belarus, students of forestry in Lithuania, will learn the basics of the Lithuanian language at the initiative and with the funds of their vocational school.

The acceptance of applications for Belarusian citizens at the Winter Academy of the Lithuanian Language and Culture has already started and will continue until December 28. A link to the registration form for Belarusian citizens can be found at:

KU Winter Academy ofthe  Lithuanian Language and Culture has moved to a virtual space since the beginning of the Covid-19 global pandemic, which provides additional opportunities for learning the Lithuanian language – the course participants do not necessarily have to live or be in Klaipėda.