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An Ambitiously Growing Port City Needs Highly Qualified Specialists

On passing the school leaving exams, we start choosing a higher school and looking not only for an attractive study programme or a best university, but also for a promising city. The city of Klaipėda is announcing the start of a blue breakthrough. The first in Lithuania, Klaipėda prepared its strategy of economic development Klaipėda 2030. So why not choose a promising city with big opportunities?

The city of Klaipėda is one of the principal propellers of Lithuanian economy, an industry and services centre in an epicentre of an competitive transport corridor with a development-oriented ice-free port. The leaders of the city understand the need for decisive action: to “invest aggressively” in order to create exclusive conditions for living and business and to develop the University to make the city grow. Presently the port employees earn 2,5 times more than the average salary in Lithuania. In the long run, salaries in Klaipėda will grow twice.

The best place to live, work, and rest

By fostering its maritime identity, Klaipėda will develop an environmentally friendly transport-logistics-industrial complex. Therefore, the growing port of Klaipėda will need specialists in maritime transport engineering, seaport management, fleet technical maintenance, logistics, and ship design and building.

“As it happened, the port is in the city, therefore we have to rationally exploit the opportunity. The development of the port provides a unique chance for the study institutions in the city: a dialogue of the port and science is of particular importance”, said Arvydas Vaitkus, Director General of the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority.

Klaipėda will develop a liquefied natural gas (LNG) cluster which will help it become the centre of the LNG technologies and LNG distribution in the Baltic region. AB Klaipėdos Nafta, in collaboration with Klaipėda University, developed a study program Engineering of LNG Terminals. This is a viable engineering specialty: it prepares highly qualified engineers able to organize and execute the designing and exploitation, diagnostics, technical maintenance and repair of land-based and floating LNG terminals, pipeline networks, and engineering units and equipment.

Moreover, maritime and health tourism will develop in Klaipėda: wellness centres will operate in the resorts of Smiltynė and Giruliai and SPA procedures of geothermal waters will be provided, therefore, Klaipėda will need specialists – graduates from the study programmes of health sciences, public health, nursing, or social-economic geography.

The need for active tourism specialists will also grow, as the infrastructure of sports and active tourism in Klaipėda will be the best in Lithuania: the infrastructure of bicycle lanes and active water sports will be further developed. Therefore, the city will need specialists of physical education and sports pedagogy, physical activity, and kinesitherapy.

Klaipėda as a leader in the areas of maritime, energy, and biotechnology sciences

In Klaipėda, environmentally-friendly bio-products will be produced and waste management and recycling technologies will be developed. KU takes an active part in the Baltic Sea Region Blue Technology Research Programmes which, in collaboration with business, adapt these technologies in the fostering of regional aquaculture. In addition, Klaipėda will be the leading region of Lithuania in the use and production of renewable energy, especially in the development of production at sea, underground, and using biomass.

According to KU Vice-Rector for Science and Art dr. Rita Vaičekauskaitė, “KU has the potential for the development of research on aquaculture, renewable energy, smart technologies, biotechnologies, and ecosystem services as well as experimental development for the sustainability of the blue breakthrough. Blue growth has a high added value potential and, for its implementation, science-based education is important. KU is ready to meet an increased demand for specialists in engineering, marine technologies, natural sciences, and IT.

Creative and service economy

Independent creators, IT specialists, and designers will find opportunities for expression in the city, as a quarter of creative industries will establish itself in the city centre. In Klaipėda, the application of creative industries to production will be expanded and creative digital solutions for industrial enterprises will be developed. An effective business incubator and accelerator focused on companies in priority growth areas will function, therefore, specialists in economics, marketing, business management, and innovation management will be required.

“We chose to act and concentrated our forces. All the partners agreed on the kind of city that we want to create and on the priority areas to be developed. The city needs the strategy of economic breakthrough to stop the brain drain abroad, to get Klaipedians who went abroad to come home and create their lives here, and to have young people staying in, or coming to, the city to study and implement their ideas”, said Klaipėda City Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas

Are there any doubts left as for which future city to choose?

Choose studies in Klaipėda. Klaipėda University is the port of your knowledge.