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An Advent Evening with Foreign Students

In the dark evening of December 12, foreign students of Klaipėda University got together for a cosy Advent evening. The students got acquainted with the traditional Advent hymns performed by a vocal-instrumental ensemble Schola Cantorum de Regina Pacis. The event was attended by priest Virgilijus Poškus who shared his insights about the nature of the Advent period and the meaning of the four Advent weeks before Christmas.

The students enjoyed the traditional Christmas Eve dishes: fruit jelly and kūčiukai (small, slightly sweet pastries made from leavened dough and poppy seeds). The two candles burning in an Advent wreath created a festive mood, the taste of the dishes was special, and the kanklės (a plucked Lithuanian string instrument) was a new instrument for some students.

Students stayed together, socialised, and shared their impressions, ready to follow the lesson of the priest: to rejoice and to constantly search for small daily miracles that give joy to ourselves and those around us.