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AB Vakarų laivų gamykla to Offer Scholarships to Undergraduate Students of Maritime Transport Engineering

Klaipėda University partner – AB Vakarų laivų gamykla (Western Ship Building Yard, hereinafter: VLG) – offers substantial scholarships to those who have chosen Bachelor’s studies in Maritime Transport Engineering.

From September 1, young people who chose one of the two specialisms of the said study programme, either Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding or Smart Maritime Transport Engineering, will be able to apply for a monthly scholarship of 300 euros. It will be paid to prospective maritime transport engineers until the end of their studies. The VLG also offers scholarship holders internships and opportunities to participate in the company’s Talent Academy programme upon finding employment in the VLG Group of Companies. There is a prerequisite: after their studies, young people who are given scholarships will have to work in one of the VLG Group of Companies for 3 years.

“The VLG Group of Companies has been observing the prevailing market trends and the growing demand for professionals in the maritime engineering industry, and therefore it has been contributing, and will further contribute, to the popularisation of the studies in the field and of related professions in Lithuania. To motivate young people and encourage them to choose these study programmes, we have set up scholarships that will hopefully be useful for a knowledge-seeking young person planning a career in the engineering industry. We have also been trying to create the most favourable conditions for such young people to grow and improve and to apply the knowledge acquired at the University to practice. The VLG Group of Companies successfully employ second- and third-year students majoring in the maritime engineering industry. As the company’s capacity increases, increasingly more ships arrive for repairs, while customer companies submit orders for more hulls and turnkey shipbuilding projects. We are well aware that young, talented, energetic, and competent professionals are the future of the Lithuanian maritime engineering industry, and we must all together help them grow,” says Ala Minkevičienė, VLG Personnel Director.

Higher education institutions training specialists in the field of engineering and organisations representing the interests of employers have been alarmed by a shortage of qualified engineers in Lithuania, and especially in the regions, for a long period of

time. Young people are reluctant to choose these study programmes, although such specialists enjoy great demand in the labour market.

Dr. Rima Mickevičienė, Dean of the Faculty of Marine Engineering and Natural Sciences at Klaipėda University which has been training engineers for over 60 years, is anxiously following these trends and says she is happy with any initiative that encourages young people to choose studies relevant to the labour market. “Responsible graduates who think about the future and their parents should be especially interested in this offer from employers. I believe that substantial income during studies, followed by employment and financial guarantees, is a great privilege for young people living in in the times of changes”, says dr. Rima Mickevičienė.

Last autumn, young people who decided on study programmes in the fields of engineering, IT, and mathematics at regional universities and whose grades for school leaving exams were high, were encouraged by scholarships set up by the Ministry of Economics and Innovation. Monthly payments of 200 euros were granted to 42 KU first year students, and another 16 scholarships were awarded to the representatives of these study fields by Klaipėda City Municipality.

At the beginning of June, the study programme of Maritime Transport Engineering of the Faculty of Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences was awarded the Investor’s Spotlight label, which testifies to the relevance of the programme to employers and to the study content that meets business expectations.