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7 Reasons to Study at Klaipėda University

Klaipėda University provides a range of study programmes that are unavailable in other universities of the country; moreover, KU students exclusively live in the most up-to-date dormitory in Lithuania. During the studies, students are offered an internship opportunity in the largest national and international companies, and in addition to Klaipėda University, they can also expand their knowledge in foreign universities.

Outstanding studies

When ranking study fields in 2018, KU was ranked the first among the 5 undergraduate study fields ranked in the country. KU can be proud of its unique first-cycle study programmes which are not available in other universities of Lithuania. Those include: Sea Port Engineering, Hydrology and Oceanography, Mechanics, Engineering of Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal.

Other available popular and promising study programmes include: Informatics, Informatics Engineering, Management, Logistics, Public Administration, Archaeology and History, Nursing, Childhood Pedagogy. More study programmes are available here.

Modern infrastructure

The Marine Research Institute of Klaipėda Universality is equipped with the state-of-the-art research equipment, which allows for unique scientific and business cooperation projects. There are some of the newest research laboratories in the Baltic Sea region: Waterborne Transport and Air Pollution Laboratory, Mechanical and Marine Engineering Laboratory, Seaside Environment and Biochemistry Laboratory.

KU students have an opportunity to stay in the most modern dormitory in the country. It provides around 170 places, including the facilities for the disabled, special furniture, bathrooms. In addition, the building is equipped with washing machines, dryers – all for the convenience of students. The management of the University plans two more suchlike buildings on the University campus.

Practical knowledge

Studies at Klaipėda University include more than just sitting in the classrooms. Students have internship in the largest companies of the country and exclusive workplaces. For example, the oceanographic internship is held and marine research is conducted in the only sailing vessel of Lithuania “Brabander”. In addition, students expand their knowledge by participating in expeditions on a research vessel “Mintis”.

Archaeology and history students have a unique opportunity to participate in the underwater archaeology internship in the Baltic Sea.

Students of Political Sciences accomplish their internship in various national and foreign institutions. Students of Social Economic Geography and Regional Studies have already visited Poland, Israel, Palestine, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Slovakia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.

International opportunities

KU students have an opportunity to go abroad for studies or internship to higher education institutions under the international Erasmus+ exchange programme. The university offers students a choice of 250 universities in all European Union states, as well as Turkey, Switzerland and Norway.

Apart from the Erasmus+ programme, KU also offers a strategic partnership exchange programme for the purpose of Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices.

 Free time

There are over 20 different student organisations and clubs at Klaipėda University. Joining the young, energetic and eager to act students, you can challenge yourself in the sailing club or robotic club, the sporty youngsters are welcomed at KU’s rhythmic gymnastics dancing group “Leader dance”, while the creative ones– at the KU student theatre, choir, and national art ensemble “Vytinė”.

If you like travelling and want to gain fascinating experience – join Klaipeda’s active recreation club. More information on KU student organisations is available here.


More and more employers address KU regarding the need for specialists. Looking at the current labour market situation, certain activeness can be felt there. Klaipėda is the first Lithuanian city to devise the City’s Economic Development Strategy “Mėlynasis proveržis 2030”. The city will pursue the economic breakthrough in the marine economics, bioeconomics, high-tech industry and services, as well as creative economics sectors. It is an opportunity to work after studies in innovative and high added-value creating business companies and to enjoy a quality life and leisure time at the seaside.

After finishing their studies, KU graduates are successfully employed at both the well-known national and foreign companies: UAB “Ahlers Klaipėda”, Stevedoring Company “Klaipėdos Smeltė”, Klaipeda State Seaport Authority, UAB “Vlantana”, UAB “Arijus”, UAB “Baltic logistic”, UAB “TLSC”, UAB “Celsis”, UAB “Sanitex”, UAB “Green Carrier Freight services LT”, UAB “Swedbank”, UAB “SEB”, etc.

KU – the only University by the sea

It is often said that people of Klaipėda are different: calmer, more romantic, free. Maybe it is because they live by the sea and its freedom is inspiring. Thus are KU students – creative and full of ideas.

In 2021 Klaipėda will bear the title of the European Youth Capital. The aim is to reveal the potential of the young people and become the most youth-friendly, open, cooperative city in the Baltic Sea region. The programme includes 400 events, 200 capacity-building activities, over 70 international and national partners, 1000 volunteers, half a million guests, radical changes in the youth policy and a revealed potential of young people.

Klaipėda University – Your Port of Knowledge