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Botanical Garden



The Botanical Garden of Klaipėda University was founded in 1993. Over more than two decades of its activity, mature and competent staff has formed: altogether, numerous plant collections are taken care of, and other activities are implemented by, 1 researcher, 3 administrative staff members, 4 specialists, and auxiliary staff.

The Botanical Garden is located in the northern part of Klaipėda, in the valley of the Danė River, the territory of the former royal Tauralaukis park closely related to the history of Prussia. Its total area is 9,3 ha. The spectacular landscape, originally formed green spaces, and the unique diversity of the flora delight all those who come there. That is the only place in Western Lithuania where in a small area one can see plants from almost all the continents of the world. Domestic and foreign plants are exhibited in four collections: coniferous woody, deciduous woody, herbaceous ornamental, and herbs and medicinal plants.

Visitors are invited to see recently arranged and further fostered expositions of roses, vines (lianas), bulbous plants, and coastal dunes plants. Currently, the above mentioned collections and expositions boast over 3,500 plant species, forms, and varieties. Altogether, the gardėn displays almost 40,000 units of plants.

The mission of the Botanical Garden is to effectively increase and preserve plant genetic resources in situ and ex situ, to ensure sustainable development of academic, research, and educational activities in the field of natural sciences, and to create optimal conditions for meeting public recreational needs.

The academic staff and students of Klaipėda University conduct scientific research and develop practical skills in the Botanical Garden. The Garden is popular with the general public, and especially pupils: in 2014, it was visited by 14,000, and in 2015, by over 20,000 visitors. The greater part of the visitors take part in tours (around 50 each year) around the Garden. The number of participants in different educational lectures, events, and specialised seminars has also been increasing.

Kretingos Str. 92, LT-92327 Klaipėda
Tel.: +370 46 398 833; +370 616 40371