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Apie universitetą

The most important institution promoting sustainable social, cultural, and economic progress of the region, whose activities are aimed at the development of creative personalities and the welfare of the people.

A university creating for the future with recognized international research and study achievements and innovations significant for the welfare of the Baltic Sea Region

Klaipėda University (KU) was founded in 1991 to meet the needs of Lithuania’s development: to solve the problems of regional culture, education, research, industry, technology, and economy, to decentralize higher education, to attract youth to Klaipėda, to promote the humanities in Klaipėda and Western Lithuania, to conduct research in the culture and history of Western Lithuania and the neighbouring Baltic States, to make Klaipėda a regional centre of culture, and to foster the idea of Lithuania as a maritime state. Since 1999, the studies of health sciences have been implemented at at Klaipėda University with the aim of using the exceptional natural resources created by the sea and its environment for recreation and health promotion and recovery. Today, we see Klaipėda University as a higher educational institution that meets all the above needs and creates advanced knowledge and technology.

Over almost three decades of operation, KU has become an exceptional Lithuanian education and cultural centre which has prepared over 38 thousand graduates and which presently employs over 700 academic staff, including 60% doctors of science. KU implements three-cycle studies.

Over its three decades of operation, KU has gained significant scientific recognition in the Baltic Sea Region. In 2008, the Marine Valley project was launched to strengthen the cooperation of research, studies, and business and to develop a modern marine research infrastructure. The Mintis vessel, built in 2014, represents a unique research laboratory at sea. The laboratories of the Marine Research Institute opened in 2018 are among the most advanced ones in the Baltic States. In 2018, for the first time in the field of oceanographic research, Klaipėda University was ranked among the 200 best universities in the world and among the 10 best universities in the Baltic Sea Region in terms of quality publications and numbers of citation (CA WoS) and successfully maintained the position in 2019.