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Levels, groups, teachers
  • Teaching program covers all levels from A1 to C2 (according to the  CEFR).
  • Preliminary grouping is made before the course opening on the basis of the applications; the applicants are informed about this upon their arrival. However, the final appointment is made after the testing (except the absolute beginners) which takes place during the first meeting in the classroom.
  • The average size of a group is normally 10. In most cases there are 2 teachers for each group. Apart from the group work, the course students are welcome for individual consultations. If there is a need, the staff is able to explain things in several languages: EN, RU, DE, ESP, even in SE and FI.
  • The advanced group is for those who want to learn/improve Lithuanian at levels C1–C2. Mostly they are students, teachers, researchers, translators who want to analyze/practice special topics/issues, to get individual consultations. Of course, they are more or less fluent in Lithuanian. This is a message for them: