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Independent mind and marine spirit…

Klaipėda University – is a multidisciplinary national and Baltic Sea Region research and studies leader, promoter of cultural heritage, and lifelong learning centre integrated in international academic networks.

The university campus is located in the territory of 24 hectares.
It consists of Klaipėda region traditional architectural buildings
and modern buildings. D. Žadeikis photo

Klaipėda University was established on January 1, 1991 with three faculties. Today University has five faculties: the Humanities, Marine and Natural Sciences, Pedagogy, Social Sciences, and Health Sciences; it also has a study institute (Continuing Studies Institute) and a research institute (Institute of Baltic Sea Region History and Archaeology), and Academy of Arts. Rapidly developing University today is home for over 4500 students.

There are 118 three-cycle study programs providing the student with research-based modern knowledge and technological based on higher university education level and higher education qualification, develops fully educated, responsible, creative and entrepreneurial personality.

Research vessel MINTIS.
Z. R. Gasiūnaitė photo

A base created for on-going fundamental, applied research and experimental development activities in physical, biomedical, technology, social sciences and humanities to carry out has more than 60 laboratories, a botanical garden, research vessel Mintis and scientific-research and training schooner Brabander. Klaipėda University implements Integrated Science, Studies and Business Center – Marine Valley – program for Lithuanian maritime sector development. The University aims to be the leader in marine science and technology.

Art is an integral part of the scientific activities of the university. Klaipėda University, cultural and artistic development priorities are focused on the Klaipėda Region and Lithuania Minor culture storage: Lithuania Minor historical, linguistic, confessional, ethnic and musical heritage, Lithuania Minor and Klaipėda Region musical culture history and study of the present events, comparative studies of music in the Baltic Region.

The University annually carries over 60 international and national research projects, has the scientific and academic partners in Europe and elsewhere in the world, and is also involved in a dozen international funds, programs and networks.

Socio-economic circumstances formed rapid development needs for Klaipėda University. The University is located in the part of Lithuania with a population of over 470 thousand residents where industrial and business potential is significant, maritime sector is rapidly developing. Klaipėda University was established in a specific coastal area of ​​Lithuania from economic, cultural and geopolitical point of view, in the only port city where from Lithuania opens wide prospects for maintaining relations with the Baltic Sea countries and other parts of the world.

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